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Overview of CommodoreServer's Multi-Player Gaming Service

Game players and developers alike will enjoy the new multi-player gaming service of CommodoreServer.com. Players will benefit by having new multi-player games available on a variety of Commodore platforms and Internet adapters. Programmers can quickly develop new software using standardized features to allow for player interaction, without all of the hassles inherent in multi-player games.

CommodoreServer's revolutionary new gaming service allows players from all Commodore platforms to connect to each other using any Internet adapter, meet up with friends, chat, and start multi-player games.

Internet game-play is an exciting new arena for Commodore enthusiasts. As Internet devices are becoming more commonplace and more affordable for Commodore computers, developers have a new opportunity for creating online, multi-player games. The designers of CommodoreServer aim to encourage multi-player gaming across systems by providing standardized services and tools for both advanced programmers and beginners alike.

Those who have ever attempted writing a multi-player game know about the many challenges and complexities involved.  Game development is challenging enough without the added hassles of implementing multi-player capabilities. There are many problems that arise when inter-computer communication is involved.  For instance, collecting data from all players and re-distributing that data so that all computers stay in sync or providing in-game chat.  What happens when a player suddenly drops out of the game? What happens to everyone else? How do players start a game together from different locations?

CommodoreServer solves a lot of these issues and provides programmers with a standardized set of services and management features so that developers can focus more on game rules and playability and less on dealing with these issues. Players benefit by having a standardized place to meet, chat and choose & start online games.

Whether you're a novice or an expert programmer, you can start developing games right away.  So start creating your word games, card games, puzzles, text adventures, war games, strategy games, sports games, or whatever you can imagine.  Or port your existing games over to a multi-player environment.  The possibilities are endless!

Group Zork

The first game to take advantage of this gaming service is Group Zork. It is written entirely in BASIC and utilizes some of the services available, although there are many commands in the protocol that are unused. It is a perfect example of simple, interactive fun.
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For more information, watch for other upcoming articles on programming multi-player games in the Programming category of the CommodoreServer.com blog.

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