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Hi, I'm Goog. Creator and founder of CommodoreServer.com, the Comet64 Internet Modem and the Portland Commodore Users Group in Portland, Oregon USA (PDXCUG.org). I am excited about all things Commodore, but my passion lies with the Commodore 64.


Commodore Joystick Switch Prototype

The Portland Commodore Users Group had a prototyping party on August 12, 2010 and came out with a working prototype of the Commodore Joystick Switch.

The Commodore Joystick Switch is well on its way to a fully-functional add-on for your Commodore computer - just plug it in, plug in your joysticks and you will never have to grab the wrong one again when you fire up a game.  The joystick switch allows you to switch ports without having to unplug anything.  Wrong joystick? No problem - just push the button and the joystick in your hand will work.

The team over at the Portland Commodore Users Group (PDXCUG.org) had a prototyping party at their August 12 meeting.  Check out the meeting highlights for more information on the Commodore Joystick Switch prototype.

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