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Public Disk: csChatteRR-Box.d64



Snapshots are created by the disk publisher. Each snapshot represents a disk image in time. Earlier snapshots of this disk will likely have older versions of a program or will not have all of the same files as on newer snapshots. It is possible for snapshots to be missing if the publisher removed them.

  • Snapshot 2 [7/14/2011] 
  • Beta 1c - Fixed a bug when viewing who's here when there were many people in the room.
  • Snapshot 3 [7/20/2011] 
  • Beta 1e - Updated KipperBASIC to v1.27 (which fixed a data corruption bug that caused disconnections in ChatteRR-Box). Also a few minor enhancements.
  • Snapshot 4 [8/11/2011] 
  • Beta 1G - More stable connections and many user interface enhancements.
  • Snapshot 5 [3/5/2013] 
  • Beta 1H - Updated to work with new IP address of CommodoreServer
  • Snapshot 6 [2/13/2016]    Viewing
  • 2.0a - Colors, slash commands for CSIP, and more.
  • Snapshot 8 [3/31/2018] 
  • 2.0d - Bug fix in checking messages