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Public Disk: Fritske_xmasdemo_2011.d64

"vice            " 1a 2A


0 "vice            " 1a 2A
48  "MERRYXMAS2011-FR" PRG  2049




Snapshots are created by the disk publisher. Each snapshot represents a disk image in time. Earlier snapshots of this disk will likely have older versions of a program or will not have all of the same files as on newer snapshots. It is possible for snapshots to be missing if the publisher removed them.

  • Snapshot 2 [1/30/2012]    Viewing
  • seems its a bit glitchy when loaded from a D64 into an emulator. all i did so far was load the prg file in vice so dont have a clue how it will be on the real thing (and yes i still havent played it on a real C64)