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V-1541 2.4 Released

V-1541 has an extensive API for Internet communication. New features make it even easier to write CommodoreServer programs in BASIC or Assembly. Read more...


Accessing V-1541 and CometChat in VICE for Mac OSX

While the setup for the PC version of WinVICE is fairly straightforward and simple, the Mac and Linux versions have their features relocated into different places, and many of them remain undocumented. Read more...


How To Build a Chat Program for CommodoreServer Using V-1541 and CSIP

The best way to show how to use the client SDK and some of the CSIP commands is by doing a project. This tutorial will show you how to make a very simple chat program. Read more...


Mega 1541 - 10 Disk Drives in One

Using a single virtual disk drive is awesome. But being able to switch between 10 drives is insanely cool! Read more...


Access the Internet Using V-1541 in VICE

Did you know that you can use V-1541 and CommodoreServer right from VICE? If you do not wish to invest in an Internet Modem at this time, you can still enjoy the benefits of CommodoreServer right from your VICE emulator. Here's how. Read more...


V-1541 Limitations

The V-1541 program is a perfect choice when you want to view your disks or download files, but it does have a few limitations. This article will describe those limitations and help you work around them. Read more...


Get V-1541

The V-1541 program allows your Commodore 64 computer to access files and other content at CommodoreServer.com. This article contains current information about V-1541 and provides a download link to the latest version. Read more...


What is V-1541?

V-1541 is a virtual 1541 disk drive that you can use from your Commodore 64 computer. This article describes it in detail. Read more...