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Articles and information on Internet-enabling your Commodore 64 Computer.


V-1541 2.4 Released

V-1541 has an extensive API for Internet communication. New features make it even easier to write CommodoreServer programs in BASIC or Assembly. Read more...


Overview of CommodoreServer's Multi-Player Gaming Service

Game players and developers alike will enjoy the new multi-player gaming service of CommodoreServer.com. Players will benefit by having new multi-player games available on a variety of Commodore platforms and Internet adapters. Programmers can quickly develop new software using standardized features to allow for player interaction, without all of the hassles inherent in multi-player games. Read more...


Configuration Commands for the Comet64 Internet Modem

By default, the Comet64 Internet Modem is pre-configured with the ability to connect seamlessly to CommodoreServer.com using the V-1541 software. However, the device can easily connect to any other server/port on the Internet by sending some configuration commands to it. This article will describe how to send commands to the Comet64 using a simple BASIC program that you can download from the Public Directory. Read more...


The CommodoreServer Internet Protocol (CSIP) Programmer's API

The CommodoreServer Internet Protocol, or CSIP, is a text-based, human-readable protocol for exchanging data and issuing commands on CommodoreServer.com.

This article describes what the protocol is and how to use it. It also documents all of the commands that are currently available and lists possibilities for the future. Read more...