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Hi, I'm Goog. Creator and founder of CommodoreServer.com, the Comet64 Internet Modem and the Portland Commodore Users Group in Portland, Oregon USA (PDXCUG.org). I am excited about all things Commodore, but my passion lies with the Commodore 64.


Simple BASIC Program to use CSIP

I wrote this quick little program that allows you to experiment with the Comet64 Internet Modem using standard RS-232 operations.

NOTE: This article uses the CommodoreServer font.  To see the contents properly, please install the font first.

This program is a simple BASIC program that you can use to test CommodoreServer Internet Protocol (CSIP) commands from BASIC (See the CSIP Protocol Programmer's Guide for more information).

Before we get started, please note that this program simply sends and receives data using the standard RS-232 port on the Commodore 64.  The KERNAL routines in a stock C64 have been known to be buggy up to 2400 baud and BASIC is also unreliable above 300 baud.

This program is set to use 2400 baud, but BASIC will be unable to handle receiving data fast enough and the receive buffer will fill up and overwrite itself.

After running, type commands such as DISKS to see a list of disks.  Assuming your Comet64 modem has its default configuration, you should see a list of disks that are available for the public domain account.  You can try other commands, too.  If you log in, you can view your own disks.

You can use this program after loading V-1541 if you want the corrected 2400 baud routine to take over.  Otherwise you can just assume that the KERNAL will work (which it may or may not).


1 OPEN2,2,2,CHR$(10)
10 GET#2,A$
20 GETI$;IFI$=""THEN10
30 PRINT#2,I$
40 GOTO10


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