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CS Chat Released

An all-new experience for CommodoreServer's chatting and gaming system has arrived. See what features are included in the latest release of CS Chat.

Another chat app has arrived that looks and feels a lot like Comet Chat, but this is for Windows.

VICE Integration

With VICE integration, you can easily launch games and applications that are released by CS. You can also automatically launch online games and apps (those which are created for CommodoreServer). Use the menus to see what is available to run:

Once you select a game to launch, it is downloaded to your computer and launched in VICE:

You can also browse your own disk collection with CS commands. For example, insert your own disk image using the /insert command. Once the disk is inserted, you can see the directory with the /$ command. Currently, you can download and launch any single-load file by using the /load command on that file.

These are just a few of the things you can do in the latest CS Chat program. We hope you enjoy it!

Full List of Features

  • Looks and feels a lot like Comet Chat (C64 version)
  • Chat Rooms
  • Send mail to other members
  • Public and private chatting
  • Font selection - use a C64 font for a full experience
  • Integrates with an emulator to launch and run C64 games
  • Quick buttons for weather and forecast and a custom command
  • Post CS Blips
  • Color themes
  • Sound muting
  • Toggle player / room panel
  • Easily lookup player info

Windows Download

Windows Download (Win 7, Win 10+): http://www.commodoreserver.com/downloads.asp

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