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New Commodore 128, 80 Column Chat Client for CommodoreServer!

Rikchat128 Beta1 Released!

It's 100% BASIC 128, compiled for speed, 80-Column only!

Download disk from the /Apps section on CommodoreServer.


A  feature rich user interface, for a 30 year old computer!

Receive incoming messages simultaneously while typing. 

Real time status messages from CommodoreServer while you chat. (Top left); These help you keep track of what's going on in the background. 

Event driven sound effects. (a few easter egg sound effects; type "That af guy is the best" for sample)

Downloads and rebuilds CommodoreServer's userlist locally to save transfer times.

Added an alternative connection setting to send ATDT198.145.38.115:1541 to the userport at 2400 baud. 


The Function keys on VICE 128 are NOT F1-F8 on the PC keyboard! They are F9-F12.

Known Bugs:

Occasionally when typing and someone enters the room, the userlist function will not function. Press F2 to redownload. (Shift-F9 in VICE128)

Also, when you initally enter the room, the status bar will say "UPDATING"; give it a sec to build the arrays. 

I've taken some buggy features out and focused on making it more stable overall. Report bugs and I'll fix them.

***If you need to switch the baud rate on your Comet64 to 2400, here are the instructions: https://www.commodoreserver.com/BlogEntryView.asp?EID=FC95D2C85D6F4FF593FB760F024B65E2

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