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UPDATE 9/4/2018: C64List is a command-line utility to convert BASIC programs from a friendly text format to its native C64 PRG format and back. You can also add assembly code that gets loaded at the end of a BASIC program. There are a many other features. Visit the Bit 64 Blog for more information.



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C64List is a command-line utility to convert BASIC programs from a friendly text format to its native C64 PRG format and back. Also has a fully function assembler. Visit the Bit 64 Blog for more information.

True Type Font


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The CommodoreServer Font allows you to see Commodore-formatted text throughout this Web site. Without it, you may see funny characters or symbols. We recommend downloading and installing this font so that you can use CommodoreServer.com to its fullest potential.



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Released 10/27/23 - CS Chat is a Windows-based chat client that allows you to talk in the CommodoreServer chat rooms. It mocks the Comet Chat program in style and functionality but is convenient to use when you're not at your Commodore computer.



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Miaou is a Windows-based chat program that integrates with CommodoreServer's game / chat rooms. Written by Jeff Hoag, author of C64List.

Give this a try when you don't have a Commodore computer handy.

v1.38 released August 9, 2013:
-For Status 3,tag commands from the keyboard, send tag to CommodoreServer, but don't remember it for later--reuse the one in the dialog box later
-Fix nick issue: when changing nick's, say oldnick changed to newnick. In some cases, newnick was used twice.
-Custom sound when your name is mentioned


V-1541 User's Guide.pdf

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Here is the V-1541 User's Guide along with information on setting up the Comet64 Internet modem.



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Allows a Commodore 64 computer to load and save files directly to disks stored on CommodoreServer.com. Browse disks, load files, save files and more. Can be run in VICE or used with a Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) device, such as the Comet64 Internet Modem. Also includes other Internet utilities, apps, and games.



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The Wiznet Configuration Tool is a PC-based application for configuring the Wiz module on the Comet64 Internet Modem. Using your PC, you can view and update the settings for the Comet64. This provides a quick alternative to changing settings from the Commodore computer. The .zip file contains an installer and the source code, direct from the manufacturer of the Wiz module.

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