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Commodore 64 Internet Modems are Here

The Comet64 Internet Modem Revision 2c is ready to go! This board makes it easier than ever to connect to CommodoreServer.com from your Commodore computer.

The newest Comet64 Internet modems are in and are ready to go.  Rev. 2c is the latest board which now includes the ability for connection detection via software. It also provides full handshaking and the ability to run it as a straight RS-232 device or as an Internet modem.

This product comes in two configurations:

Internet Only

This configuration contains the Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) adapter which converts serial commands into high-level Internet protocols. You only need to plug in an ehternet cable from the board to your LAN or home network.  Programming the S2E device is easy - just OPEN a file to the RS-232 port and send commands directly to the Internet.

Internet + RS-232

This configuration contains the Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) adapter and also contains a DB9 RS-232 connector.  You can use the DB9 to connect to other RS-232 devices with handshaking and communicate over standard RS-232c.  You can choose which device to communicate with.

You can order this as a kit or fully assembled.  Please see the products page for more information.

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