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Hi, I'm Goog. Creator and founder of CommodoreServer.com, the Comet64 Internet Modem and the Portland Commodore Users Group in Portland, Oregon USA (PDXCUG.org). I am excited about all things Commodore, but my passion lies with the Commodore 64.


CommVEx 2010 Report

I went. I saw. I lived. CommVEx Rocks! Check out my special report.

If you haven't ever been to CommVEx, you really need to get there next year.  I have been a faithful attendee since the first one in 2005 and the show just keeps getting better and better.  There are so many cool presentations and technical details for everything Commodore.  Newbie? Don't worry - there's something for everyone.  In the downtime, we sit around and chat, eat, play games, and eat some more.

The games are so much fun - we usually have a four-player Bomb Mania game going and I usually walk away the king :) Just kidding - we all sorta stink at that game.  But it is sheer fun.

Head on over to see my full CommVEx v6 Special Report and Photo Gallery on the PDX Commodore Users Group Web site.

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