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CometChat 1.6 Released

Another iteration of CometChat adds a few new features and enhancements.

New Features

A brand-new splash screen will be displayed while loading.


While weather has long been a CSIP command, it is now incorporated into CometChat with nice little icons that display the current condition.

Color Themes

Color themes have had a few changes. Now you can create your own custom theme and save it. You are also able to share your theme with others who can load it into their own CometChat program.

  • Save and Share custom color themes with friends
  • When changing color themes, it will gray out the old colors so you will still be able to see them.

Launch Online Apps / Games

Online Apps Menu

Online Games Menu

Launch any online app/game from within the program. When viewing the list of apps/games, you will now see all registered apps/games and can launch into them with a simple selection. No need to insert disks or remember V-1541 commands. The app/game will start automatically. Other programs that support this will allow you to navigate around between programs with ease.

Player Colors Feature

Added a color indicator for each person in the room. All messages will be displayed with a color indicator from each person who chats. Likewise, the border will be displayed in the same color when the message comes in. This option can be turned off, if not desired.

Quote Marks

Real quote marks can now be used in chat! No more single-tick marks.


You can find this new release on the csApps.d64 disk in the public directory. Enjoy this latest update and keep your suggestions coming!

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docsalr 5/25/2017

Hi Goog,

My Comet64 modem is not working anymore. Is there anyway I can have it reconfigured or fixed? I tried the terminal program but it does not seem to be responding. My email is: docsalr@hotmail.com